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How to perform base PostgreSQL backup using standard file system utilities

Today I want to show you how to perform base PostgreSQL backup using standard file system utilities. It is great example as it briefly describes basics required before moving to more advanced topics.

How to set NOOP scheduler at system boot

There are many different ways to set NOOP scheduler on the first hard drive at system boot. I have decided to use simple systemd service, but alternatively you can use udev to automatically configure every SSD device (see References section).

How to temporarily disable user logins

Sometimes, I want to prevent regular users from logging into the system to perform more complex operations. To achieve that, I am using Pluggable Authentication Modules for Linux to temporarily disable user logins.

How to perform action after SQL statement

Sometimes I want to monitor and log particular PostgreSQL statements or execute other kind of external action. In order to achieve this, I am using simple notify mechanism and slightly modified sample application found in database documentation.

How to boot Debian ISO from USB flash drive

This is a follow up to the previous article. I will briefly describe a way to boot Debian installation ISO image from USB flash drive using syslinux bootloader.

How to create bootable USB flash drive

Today, I will show you how to create customized USB flash drive to boot selected ISO images using Syslinux bootloader for Linux ext4 filesystem. It is very handy and useful, so let's begin immediately.