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How to graph Ubiquiti CCQ using Cacti

A long time ago, I wrote several blog posts which related to Ubiquiti devices, especially monitoring using Cacti rrdtool-based graphing solution. These are probably obsolete now, but someone has pursued this idea further...

How to open Firefox bookmark backup files

For reasons incomprehensible to me, Firefox is using non standard jsonlz4 file format to store bookmark backups. You can forget about standard console based utilities to extract its contents as I have already tried this without any success. It is a huge let down.

How to play games using Adventure Game Studio engine

I have already bought several of point and click adventure games using Adventure Game Studio engine. Current versions are prepared to work on Ubuntu 14.04 and Mint 17. I am using more recent Ubuntu 15.04, so the above-mentioned game engine needs to compiled beforehand.

How to disable Unity HUD shortcut

I got very annoyed by the ALT shortcut opening Unity HUD.
It was driving me crazy till I disabled it.

How to edit files using Notepad++ over SSH File Transfer Protocol

Notepad++ is a GPL licensed source code editor for Windows operating system. I use it rarely due to Linux related habits, but my friends are using it all the time, so there must be something about it. Taking this into account, I will briefly describe how to edit files using this editor over SSH File Transfer Protocol.

Essential Dokuwiki plugins

I am using Dokuwiki almost everyday as I love writing documentation and organizing knowledge. Due to this, I have created a list of plugins I cannot live without.

How to access Linux Extended File System using Windows

Sometimes it can be very useful to access Linux Extended File System using Windows to copy important data or just check out its contents. The best way to do this is to use Ext2Fsd an Extended File System driver for Windows.