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How to display future posts using Jekyll
scheduled for 30 May 2016

How to configure AWStats web-interface
scheduled for 02 Jun 2016

How to search through manual pages
scheduled for 06 Jun 2016

How to explain umask
scheduled for 13 Jun 2016

How to check for package inside shell script
scheduled for 20 Jun 2016

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How to configure Gandi web accelerator

I have been Gandi customer for almost ten years and have been very satisfied with the quality of service and technical support. Today, I want to mention about web accelerator which can play an important role in static blog setup like this one. I will provide step by step instructions on how to create and configure your own web accelerator instance.

How to configure custom domain with FastMail

I am using FastMail since the beginning of this year and I couldn't be more satisfied. Service is fast, reliable and I do not have to run the mail server myself. I will jot down Gandi DNS settings for further reference.

How to fix Bluetooth sound synchronization

I have experienced a lot of trouble with Bluetooth sound synchronization. Most of the time this issue was especially evident while watching movies. Fortunately, the solution is within easy reach.

How to inspect command before execution

It is nothing fancy, but there are situations where it is very useful to know how to identify and inspect command before execution.

How to name distinct Debian releases

It is easy to name and remember distinct Debian releases as you can always examine these on Debian Releases web page. I will do something more interesting and demonstrate you how to do that using simple shell script.

How to use org-capture from system tray

It is almost two years since I have discovered an amazing org-mode. I am using it in more situations everyday, so recently, I wrote a simple tray application to use org-protocol with defined org-capture templates directly from desktop.

How to find which package includes specific file

This brief outline explains how to locate specific file within Debian packages using very useful apt-file utility which as opposed to dpkg-query does not only inspect installed packages since it utilizes fetched lists of the contents of packages.