Upcoming posts

How to automatically login user at the console
scheduled for 25 Jul 2016

How to get started with Vagrant
scheduled for 01 Aug 2016

How to setup Vagrant Dokwiki box
scheduled for 08 Aug 2016

How to setup Vagrant apt-cacher-ng box
scheduled for 15 Aug 2016

How to create basic tmux setup
scheduled for 22 Aug 2016

Recent posts

How to use Let’s Encrypt certificate with Nginx

I am using Let’s Encrypt certificates for several services with great success. It is easy, reliable and very straightforward service. I will share with you my personal setup used to secure AWStats statistics page as a simple example.

How to install and configure Dokuwiki instance

Dokuwiki is the best Open Source project I have ever used, so I have prepared simple step by step guide to help you get started. It is quite brief and concise as most of code was already described in other blog posts found on this website.

How to edit Icewind Dale EE savegame

I have spent countless hours playing role-playing video games. Recently, I bought Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition for Linux. It is still great experience, but I have to admit that I have gone to the dark side and modified save file. Just think of it as a programming exercise.

How to check for command inside shell script

Today, I will illustrate a simple way to check for specifc command inside shell script, which is quite simple as it uses only shell built-in command utility.

How to explain umask

I wrote a simple application to explain current UMASK value. It was a while ago, but I want to share it with you as it is a quite useful utility.

How to reload wifi module on resume

Once in a while I have a problem with Intel Corporation Dual Band Wireless-AC 7265 on Dell XPS 13 during resume process as it just stops working and won't connect to any network. The solution is to simply reload the kernel module.