Create web thumbnail for SemanticScuttle using cutycapt

This simple script will create web thumbnail using cutycapt console command.

I created it to add thumbnails to my bookmarks page.


if [ "$#" != "1" ]; then

# Temporary image

# Output image
output_image=`echo $1 | sed s/^www\.//`

# First, second and third output_image's letters used for directory creation
first_letter=`echo ${output_image} | cut -c1`
second_letter=`echo ${output_image} | cut -c2`
third_letter=`echo ${output_image} | cut -c3`

# Output directory

cutycapt --url=http://$1 --out=$temp_image
convert -resize 120 -crop 120x90+0+0 $temp_image $temp_image
mkdir -p $output_directory
cp ${temp_image} ${output_directory}/${output_image}.png
unlink $temp_image

My from Semanticscuttle looks like this:

$image="/thumbnails/". $host[0] . "/" . $host[1] . "/" . $host[2] . "/" . $host . ".png";

if (file_exists($image)) {
  echo '<img class="thumbnail" onclick="window.location.href=\''.$address.'\'" src="/thumbnails/'. $host[0] . '/' . $host[1] . '/' . $host[2] . '/' . $host . '.png" alt="" />

This solutions have couple of limitations and probably doesn't need so many sub-directories but it will be tuned over time.

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