How to check established TCP connections

Display established TCP connections inside terminal.

Use the following command to check established TCP connections using Debian based distribution:

$ ss  -o state established -t -p
Recv-Q           Send-Q                         Local Address:Port                          Peer Address:Port
0                0                                                        users:(("redis-server",pid=18324,fd=9)) timer:(keepalive,3min56sec,0)
0                0                                             users:(("chrome",pid=1131,fd=108)) timer:(keepalive,33sec,0)
0                0                                              users:(("chrome",pid=1131,fd=149)) timer:(keepalive,512ms,0)
0                0                                             users:(("firefox",pid=4015,fd=59)) timer:(keepalive,1.352ms,0)
0                0                                              users:(("chrome",pid=1131,fd=144)) timer:(keepalive,39sec,0)
0                0                                                        users:(("python",pid=1744,fd=3))
0                0                                               users:(("chrome",pid=1131,fd=284)) timer:(keepalive,7.560ms,0)
0                0                                              users:(("firefox",pid=4015,fd=50)) timer:(keepalive,6min22sec,0)

If you want nice looking output then use longer version with printf, awk and sed:

$ printf "%-15.15s %5s %20s %7.7s\n" "Process" "PID" "Destination IP" "Port" && \
  sudo ss  -o state established -t -p  | \
    sed -e 1d -e 's/^[0-9]*[ ]*[0-9]*[ ]*[0-9.]*:[a-z0-9]*[ ]*\([0-9.]*\):\([a-z0-9]*\).*users:(("\(.*\)",pid=\([0-9]*\),.*/\3\t\4\t\1\t\2/' | \
    awk '{printf "%-15.15s %5s %20s %7.7s\n",$1,$2,$3,$4}'

Example output:

Process           PID       Destination IP    Port
redis-server    18324     55548
chrome           1131   https
chrome           1131    5228
firefox          4015   https
chrome           1131   https
python           1744      6379
chrome           1131   https
firefox          4015   https

Simple as that.

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