Kolab - Move personal data to the private server

Almost four months ago I mentioned about moving personal data to the private server. Now it is reality as I have already started to move and organize personal data using Kolab groupware server. To check out basic functionality check out my previous blog post because I will only show you additional software I am using.




Download ownCloud source code, read integration notes and update plugins.

RSS Reader




Download Tiny Tiny RSS source code and Storm theme.




Download Dokuwiki source code and Starter Bootstrap Template.

Keep personal data private!

I have adapted Tiny Tiny RSS and Dokuwiki using stripped down roundcubemail ownCloud plugin (to be precise, an inline frame) and LDAP authentication. I will look into the source code later this week but just check out the above mentioned plugin if you want to implement authentication bridge.

Alternatively look at the Horde Groupware as it is also an excellent groupware suite.

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