How to copy and paste inside Vim using mouse

Sometimes copy and paste inside Vim using mouse over remote connection does not work as expected.

It is rare situation, but it can happen to you at one time or another.


The solution is to use mouse option.

'mouse'                 string  (default "", "a" for GUI, MS-DOS and Win32,
                                                 set to "a" in defaults.vim)
                        {not in Vi}
        Enable the use of the mouse.  Only works for certain terminals
        (xterm, MS-DOS, Win32 win32-mouse, QNX pterm, *BSD console with
        sysmouse and Linux console with gpm).  For using the mouse in the
        GUI, see gui-mouse.
        The mouse can be enabled for different modes:
                n       Normal mode and Terminal modes
                v       Visual mode
                i       Insert mode
                c       Command-line mode
                h       all previous modes when editing a help file
                a       all previous modes
                r       for hit-enter and more-prompt prompt
        Normally you would enable the mouse in all four modes with:
                :set mouse=a
        When the mouse is not enabled, the GUI will still use the mouse for
        modeless selection.  This doesn't move the text cursor.

        See mouse-using.  Also see 'clipboard'.

        Note: When enabling the mouse in a terminal, copy/paste will use the
        "* register if there is access to an X-server.  The xterm handling of
        the mouse buttons can still be used by keeping the shift key pressed.
        Also see the 'clipboard' option.
vim help

Inspect mouse option.

:set mouse?

Set mouse option to r or v.

:set mouse=r