How to delete old Elasticsearch indices

Delete old Elasticsearch indices using Elasticsearch Curator utility.

How to determine when the operating system was booted

I have already described how to accurately determine when the system was booted, but there is a simpler solution as you can use /proc filesystem directly.


How to reduce the size of the Docker container log file

Update the docker-compose configuration file to reduce the container log file size before you run out of disk space.

How to specify custom SSH port when using rdiff-backup

Specify a custom SSH port when using rdiff-backup.

How to create swap file

Create swap file to optimize virtual machine configuration or just immediately increase available swap space.

How to extract specific file from tar archive

Extract a specific file from a tar archive.

How to clear bash history on logout

Automatically clear GNU Bourne-Again SHell history when you exit a login shell.


How to inspect parent processes

Inspect parent processes to determine whether shell script or specific process has been executed locally, remotely, or by any other application.

How to determine whether standard input file descriptor is referring to a terminal

Determine whether the standard input file descriptor refers to a terminal which can be useful to ensure that the shell script is executed using an interactive terminal.

How to display default Elasticsearch settings

Display default Elasticsearch settings.